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Duct work forms an essential part of our industrial offering. Our expertise in these areas helps us shape sheet metal int o a variety of formats for HVAC installations.

We fully comply with the standards and specifications set by leading HVAC associations:


  • DW/144: Specification for sheet metal ductwork by HVCA (UK)
  • SMACNA: Sheet Metal and Air-conditioning contractor’s
    National Association (USA)
  • NFPA: National Fire Protection Association (USA)
  • DW/172: Specification for kitchen ventilation system by HVCA (UK)

Rectangular Ductwork

Spirally Wound Circular Ductwork

Our world-class methodology ensures that all our ductwork and fittings are pre-programmed in strict compliance with recognized, international construction quality standards. We have the capacity to manufacture low, medium and high pressure systems based on the specific requirements of our clients.

We are the primary company in the Qatar renowned for locally manufacturing spiral seam circular ductwork and fittings for the HVAC industry. Our expertise extends to include circular ductwork, 100mm to 1250mm diameter, manufactured in pre-determined lengths for all pressure classes. All products ranging from straight pipe to elbows, reducers, offsets & endcaps are produced accurately and efficiently using specialized CNC machinery.

Rectangular Duct

Spiral Wound Circular Duct